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The Roof Of The Main Tribune Anfield Stadium Torn Down

The main Tribune Anfield stadium would be cut down after the match between Liverpool FC and Chelsea FC on Wednesday (11/5/2016) or Thursday early morningGMT.

The main Liverpool pride Stadium Tribune will be overhauled completely. The construction and development of the tribune it even half way.

"After the game against Chelsea, the roof of the main tribune will be torn down. It was done as part of our efforts increase capacity installed in the main tribune, "said Jimmy Couzens stadium tour guides, while explaining to the winner of the Standard Chartered Cup 2016, Saturday (7/5/2016).

"Currently, the capacity of the main tribune around 12,000 spectators. After renovations, the capacity of this tribune would be approximately 21,000 audience. That number makes the Anfield Stadium as the main stadium with a capacity of tribune's largest United Kingdom, "said a tour guide with a liver bird-tattoo logo left chest-Liverpool.

The Roof Of The Main Tribune Anfield Stadium Torn Down

Renovations that will make tribune Anfield consists of three major layers of the audience with a capacity of approximately 8,500 seats. This renovation expected completion ahead of the opening of the 2016-2017 season.

"An overhaul of the main tribune will create the capacity of Anfield rose to about 52,000 seating. However, we will also do additions to capacity in the Anfield Road End so that tribune will rise to about 59,000 audience, "said Jimmy explained.

Change the main tribune will also affect a number of positions of the spaces that are in the Anfield dressing room, including the player, press conference room, and a number of the Club's staff room.

Currently, Anfield was the 6th position in the Premier League in terms of audience capacity. With an installed capacity of 45,276, Anfield was under the Old Trafford (75.635), (60.272) Emirates Stadium, Etihad Stadium (55,000), St. James ' Park (52.405), and the Stadium of Light (49,000).

Kala Manchester City away magpies against Swansea City on Sunday (15/5/2016), the party that was the last game the Manager Manuel Pellegrini with The Citizens.

Authors: Earn Rinaldi/Dwi Widijatmiko

After the season, 2015-2016, the Manager of Manchester City already renamed from Pellegini to Josep Guardiola. After a favorite scene Premier League champion at the start of the competition, the Pellegrini failed to seize the trophy.

The Roof Of The Main Tribune Anfield Stadium Torn Down

They also failed in the semi-finals of the Champions League. This entry also became a booster that Chile was indeed a coach should go.

In fact, after the 2-draw against Arsenal at the weekend to-37, fourth place occupied by The Citizens any not yet secure. However, for the tribute to Pellegrini, the players defended his commanders.

The players have already stated that if the team failed to be in the big four PremierLeague standings, 2015-2016, then to blame was cast instead of Pellegrini.

"We respect on Pellegrini so need to declare these things," said Defender Bacary Sagna.

Pellegrini admitted very honored with the attitude of his men. As reply to the respect, Pellegrini then outspoken.

He said that the new coach, in this case Pick, no need to overhaul the total current squads.

In professional football, a new coach will surely be doing an overhaul on the team that will be handled.

Pick any will surely overhaul existing formations. Therefore, Pellegrini try remindinghis successor.

The reason Pellegrini actually makes sense. Current squad have already won the League Cup and continues to grow.

Changes can be done on the players in terms of age as well as the needs of the team are already not worth it. So, instead of changes in total.

Even so, Pellegrini said that such action is only an advice for Guardiola.

The Roof Of The Main Tribune Anfield Stadium Torn Down

Want to hear it or not, it's up to Real Madrid because he thinks that Pep is a figure that already know what needs to be done in addressing the team.

"I used to come here never spoke with anyone. Very professional coaches, especiallycoach that is very important, certainly knows what he must do, "said Pellegrini.

Therefore, Pellegrini insists that Bayern need direction and know the reserved football United Kingdom. However, Pellegrini remain hopeful advice on do not change teams in total will be heard Guardiola.


What is clear, now the City must ensure that the moment of parting with Pellegrini is not led to bitter. That is, Manchester City failed to grab a ticket to the Champions League next season.

City to compete with the city rivals, Manchester United. Whatever the results obtained by United, City have to focus thinking about how to win against Swansea.

Record meetings favoring them. In nine duel since the City was bought by the Abu Dhabi United Group in 2008, the City only once lost to The Swans. What happenedon March 11, 2012.

In eight other duel, City triumphed seven times. Since 2008, the City also had a tradition of closing the season well.