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Ranieri and Aguero became the best issue of April

Premier League clubs, West Ham United will issue a ban on travel to the stadium of a lifetime for the supporters who attacked the team bus ahead of the Manchester United game at the Boleyn Ground on Tuesday (10/5/2016). The supporters of that damage the bus the team Man United.

Due to the incident, the Man United bus window broken, and the match was delayed for 45 minutes. In an official statement on the site of the Club, the Club's Vice Chairman, David Sullivan promised to investigate the incident.

"The deed is a group of people outside the Boleyn Ground risk cover for the celebration of the last game in the Stadium Club. It is not acceptable, and contrary to the values of the Club. We will try our best to track the parties responsible and forbid them to enter the stadium for a lifetime, "said Sullivan.

In his statement, Sullivan also clarified his words before this. Sullivan had said that he did not hear the presence of strife.

Sullivan even criticizes Man United because it's late coming.

Ranieri and Aguero became the best issue of April

"When I asked about the incident yesterday, I do not know the damage that occurs on the bus the team Man United. I apologize to Man United for this incident, "said Sullivan.

Sullivan was not messing around with words. He has already started proceedings against the perpetrators.

"This morning I've commissioned my senior team to cooperate with the police in order to track the perpetrators. Their actions should not be repeated in the future, "said Sullivan.

Leicester City Manager Claudio Ranieri has won awards Manager of the Month aliasManager Best Premier League for April. Meanwhile for the Player of the Month, theManchester City striker, Sergio Aguero, grabbing the award.

It's not surprising when Ranieri was selected as the winner of the award. Origin of Italy led Manager his team three victories and one draw throughout April, which helps the club called The Foxes that sealed the title of Premier League. This became a new history in the course of over 132 years of the Club.

Ranieri and Aguero became the best issue of April

Thus, Champions for the third time awarded similar throughout the 2015-2016.

Meanwhile Aguero showed charming performance throughout April. This Argentinamidfielder scored in the fifth game of the City, including the trigol surprising when they win over Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on 16 April.

The former Atletico Madrid striker was bullied for a number of injuries early in the season but was still able to record 23 goals in the League, and still compete with Harry Kane (25 goals) and Jamie Vardy (24) to grab the golden shoe. Whereas, Agueroplaying time less than 900 hours compared these two players the United Kingdom.

Last gasp goals that brought Manchester City are taking part in the Champions League. The Citizens are currently collecting 65 points, winning two numbers over rivalscity who became his closest rivals, Manchester United. With only one game remaining, Manchester City need only a minimal draw on ultimate game against Swansea City, to seal Champions League qualification tickets next season.

The young attackers Manchester City, Kelechi Iheanacho, claims to be motivated totry harder once compared with the Manchester United striker, Marcus Rashford.

This season, gait duo Manchester Premier League scene not too shiny. In the standings, a position both teams are under the Leicester City, Tottenham Hotspur, and Arsenal.

Ranieri and Aguero became the best issue of April

However, at least there is the figure of a thief's attention from the Manchester duo, i.e. the resounding performance Iheanacho and Rashford.

Iheanacho, 19 years old, Manuel Pellegrini is believed to perform as many as 34 matches and had 13 goals in the whole competition.

Meanwhile, a year younger Rashford from Iheanacho, scored seven goals in 16 matches for Manchester United.

Such achievements make the young men it is often compared. Iheanacho Rashfordand touted as a future star candidate for the Premier League.

However, such treatment does not interfere with Iheanacho at all. In fact, LIKE INSTAGRAM once compared to Rashford, Iheanacho became more encouraged to appear impressive.

"I love the challenge. So, when people compare me with Rashford, I became more confident and motivated. I'd also be working harder, "said Iheanacho told the Daily Mail, Wednesday (10/6/2016).

Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund are competing to get Teens 18 years

In a new age of 18 years, his professional debut new Dembele in the Ligue 1 seasonin 2015-2016. Previously, players who also became a member of the France national team U-19 junior team to play for the Club.

In its inaugural season, Dembele scored 12 goals in 24 appearances. For her achievements, Dembele was awarded the youngest player Best Ligue 1 at the weekend.

In addition to Liverpool and Dortmund, other clubs also enter their target list Dembele is Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal, Premier League champion, and Leicester City.

However, Dembele professes to have no interest in joining Leicester.

"Claudio Ranieri called me. I was surprised, but I've been saying I'm not going to Leicester. Languages France Ranieri does not look good, "said Dembele.

Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund are competing to get Teens 18 years

Director while Ambassador Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson, looks to the middle of the lunch with Manager Mauricio Pochettino in a restaurant in London, Wednesday (11/5/2016) local time. The moment gave rise to speculation the central Manchester United make a concerted effort to recruit the Manager of Tottenham Hotspurthat.

The future of Man United's current Manager Louis van Gaal reacted, remains unclear. In addition, rumors that associate with Jose Mourinho as Manchester United continue to roll.

Pochettino actually verbally accept new contract bond for five years at Tottenham.

Especially after he managed to get a good season and a chance to usher in the bigSpurs finish second Premier League. Current Spurs winning two points above Arsenal in third place.

Earlier Sir Alex has also revealed his fascination towards the ex-coach of Espanyol and Southampton it.

"Manager Pochettino is fantastic," said Ferguson in March.

"They (Tottenham) have managers-managers with bad records, no doubt about that. They often change managers, but he (Pochettino) got quiet. You don't see him angry and how his team play describes his work, "he said.

Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund are competing to get Teens 18 years

The action ahead of West Ham United face Manchester United in the Premier League continued at the Boleyn Ground on Tuesday (10/5/2016), going on throwing the team bus make police take action. According to eyewitnesses, the incident is like a pambantaian.

The match was the last one for West Ham at the Boleyn Ground. The enthusiasm offans surged dramatically to uncontrolled situation as usual.

Whatever the cause, the West Ham fans blocked roads and attacked the Man United buses before entering the gate of Upton Park. It also makes the match was pushed back 45 minutes of schedule.

After throwing, the police took the action with the deployed troops. They chased and attacked the criminals brutally.

West Ham any party say they will drop the sanctions to the LIKE INSTAGRAM GRATIS perpetrators of the riotwith legal action and a ban on visiting the stadium.

A look at events, through a Twitter account @LondonLMKs a witness whose name was not known to the condition describes his identity like a massacre.

"Some men standing on cars and singing, among them began to throw various objects. If the Club would drop the sanctions to all the people who do the toss, meaning that they would ban hundreds of people, "said eyewitness cited from the BBC.

"The police is very terrible. Cavalry assault like a pambantaian. I have never seen anything like this before. "

Other eyewitnesses who were in the last 20 years often visit the Boleyn Ground andthe owner of a West Ham season ticket, David Pitchford, says that those who commit acts of anarchist action should be banned ahead of visiting the stadium for life.

"I got to the location at around 19:00. While walking down Green Street, I saw a lot of people don't like fans normally, "said Pitchford told the BBC.

"A lot of people who get together and not moving toward the stadium in the last game to celebrate. I suspect there are only few people who came to celebrate, while the rest just want to create problems, "he said.