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Roma coach Admits his team naive and Careless

Roma was eliminated because of losing 4-1 on aggregate from Porto in the play-offround.

Coach Luciano Spalletti Lupi, I, admitted his team appear naive and sloppy, especially in the second leg at the Olimpico.

The Wolves had to finish the game with nine players after Daniele De Rossi and Emerson Palmieri player Red by the referee. Earlier, the same expulsion sanction experienced Defender Thomas Vermalen in the first leg at home to Porto (17/8/2016).

"The thing that happened was we lost very important party that will change the future of the Club's plans this season. Three red cards in the two parties really does not make sense because a complete game with 11 players is characteristic of us last season, "said Spalletti to Mediaset.

Roma coach Admits his team naive and Careless

De Rossi was sent off due to breaking hard Maxi Pereira in the first half. Emerson got a similar sanction because Jesus Corona menjegal pascajeda.

"We should have been more calm. Impossible to play with 10 men after new action40-minute walk on two legs. We can call 15-16 last season in which the party of theRoma did not get the red card. Convicted three cards at once is a novelty this time I experienced, "said coach bald aged 57 years. The shortage of resources in the field to make Rome the difficulty of developing the game. They conceded two easy goalsafter Emerson and De Rossi were left behind.

"We lost the ball too often with silly mistakes. It makes Porto more comfortable applying their game. Although the 11 opposing players with 9, we had a sign made to equalize the score, until they came to two goals opposed ending the resistance, "saidSpalletti.

After kicked Porto, Rome had to settle down with class ration mentas in Europa League group phase in front of their own supporters, Rome forced left earlier by scoring Felipe on the 8th minute. The Roman Wolf ventures scored a reply more difficult after Daniele De Rossi's red card was rewarded on 39 minutes.

A short 11 minutes later, Rome was forced to play with nine players following the red card earned Emerson.

Roma coach Admits his team naive and Careless

Lose 2 players make Rome worse. As a result, net Wojciech Szczesny Muguel Layunhacked 2 times (73 ') and Jesus Corona (75 ').

Not only on the second leg, Roma also had to play with 10 players in the first game.At that time, Defender Thomas Vermaelen Rome rewarded the red card on 41 minutes. The match ended 1-1 draw.

"In my opinion, we still had a chance even though they conceded first. As with the first game. We can achieve better results if the match 11 against 11 players, "said Nainggolan.

"Playing with nine players and left first, normal thing you have to take the risk of leaving spaces at the back of the line," he continued.

Belgium national team midfielder is asking his colleagues to quickly forget this failure and soon the focus to Serie A.

"We have to learn from this mistake. In my opinion, we are experienced enough to focus on Serie A and hopefully we can go a step further in the Europa League. It could be our new destination, "he said.

This defeat made the Romans failed to qualify for the group phase of the Champions League. Francesco Totti and his friends had to go down a level to the Europa League group stage. Porto three goals were created by Felipe (8th minute), Miguel Layun (73 '), and Jesus Corona (75 ').

Roma coach Admits his team naive and Careless

The results of the action round play-off second leg makes Roma outnumbered aggregate 1-4 away from the representative of Portugal.

For I Lupi, this painful defeat because they only need a minimal result a draw 0-0 at the Olimpico to qualify with a capital of aggressiveness away after playing 1-1 in the first leg in Porto Roma. However, throw away the opportunity and compounded the emergence of two red cards their players at the Olimpico.

Daniele De Rossi was sent off due to referee engkel lunged Porto, Defender Maxi Pereira (39 ').

It's ironic because De Rossi noted in squads as the position of Thomas Vermaelen, who is also the red player on the first leg.

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Entering the second half, Emerson Palmieri got sanction of expulsion because dropping Corona roughly (50 ').

Two of these incidents occurred after Porto's quick swing through superior Chief Felipe. He continued the bait free kick Otavinho accurately.

Playing with 9 men, Rome trouble developing games although gets 3-4 additional opportunities.

The hole in the back-line too large to easily add Porto two goals through the actions aiming for goal empty Layun since Wojciech Szczesny out of the nest, as well as passing shots left foot Corona.

Subsequent displacement of many Roma Italy Serie A competition making the charge represented Juventus and Napoli at Champions League group phase in 2016-2017. The troops have to Wolf down level to the Europa League group stages. The RESULTS of the play-off CHAMPIONS LEAGUE