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Juventus and Napoli are blessed above Misery AS Roma

Roma ensured it retired after losing 0-3 FC Porto at the party the second play-off at the Stadio Olimpico on Tuesday (23/8/2016). In the aggregate, they yield 1-4.

After the game, coach Luciano Spalletti said, "we lost the match very important tripthat changed this season. We have to bear them. "
Spalletti of the utterance is directly proportional to the loss of Rome financially. Inasmuch, Roma, Roma knocked out just get 10 million euros (about Idr 149.7 billion) from television broadcasting rights.

The failure of Rome at a time into profits for Juventus and Napoli. Because, as the holder of broadcasting rights in Italy, Mediaset Premium live dividing 100 million euros (around Rp 1.49 trillion) is left to the last two clubs.

Detail, Juventus scooped 27.5 million euro, while Napoli get 22.5 million euro. Division 50 million euros more would depend the extent to which Juventus and Napoli stepped up.

Juventus and Napoli are blessed above Misery AS Roma

Both clubs can also add larger coffers again through money gifts from UEFA. Take for example, the time to penetrate the final in 2014-2015, Juventus rewarded 89.1 million euros.
Opinion on level of achievement backed by Griezmann clubs and countries. He was delivering Atletico into the Champions League final last season and helped France to a Party Summit Euro 2016.

From the side of the individual, Griezmann is also quite shine. In addition to donate32 goals and 7 assists for Atletico last season, he also seized the title of top goal-scorer of the European Cup with a collection of 6 goals.

"There is no intention of arrogant, but it's reasonable I on this award. Because, I live a great season with the Club and the national team, "said Griezmann to 24sata.

"Last season was not forgotten. The first is the Champions League with Atletico and then there is the European Cup alongside France. Unfortunately, we were not able to win the trophy, "said 25-year-old player was. Failure to grab the trophy can makeGriezmann lost the play-off for the title. Ronaldo as its competitors thus won the European Cup, along with Portugal and the UEFA Champions League with Real Madrid.

As individuals, Ronaldo also appears as the criterion scoring 16 goals in the Champions League at the same time seize the top scorer award.

Who is the winner of the European Footballer of the year 2015-2016 would announced when the draw for the group phase of the Champions League in Monaco, Thursday (25/8/2016). First, Bale helped Madrid win the Champions League final. In the final against Atletico, may 2016, he was scored in the penalty shootout.

Ray Bale continues on the 2016 European Championship. Thanks to the donation ofthree goals Bale, Wales appeared to surprise by reaching up to the semi-finals.

Juventus and Napoli are blessed above Misery AS Roma

"The Champions League is the biggest accomplishment for me last season. The season lasted long and difficult, but we fought hard to win what was targeted, "said Baleto 24sata.

"For me, the season feels wonderful, not just with the Club. We also live with the great European Cup. So, I will not forget this year, "he said.
Because of that success, Bale was rewarded the title finalist European Footballer of the year 2015-2016. She competes with teammate Cristiano Ronaldo, ahead of Atletico Madrid player and the origin of France, Antoine Griezmann. Bale any hope of him could be selected as the winner of the time of the announcement, which took place in Monaco, Thursday (25/8/2016).

"A kebangaan could be a finalist. A great thing anyway when I could have won this award. However, I would like to focus with a contribution to the team, "said Bale.

Not easy for Bale won this award. Because Ronaldo more seeded after bringing the 2016 European Championship Champion Portugal. Porto pocketed a ticket to the main round with a 4-1 aggregate advantage over Roma. Any record was born.

Club beralias the offside trap (the Dragon) that would melakoni the 21st season in the group phase of the Champions League. number of participation it the equivalent of a season record for the most number of competition belonged to Barcelona and Madrid.

For Porto, issue this time is their participation in the sixth consecutive.

Juventus and Napoli are blessed above Misery AS Roma

"We deserve the win because of the superior over Rome. I want to give my congratulations to the players because they are strong opponents like conquering Rome. We are happy and satisfied, but there are no excessive euphoria because these results are just the first step, "says coach Porto, Nuno Espirito Santo, to Record. In addition to create a record of Porto, also born to their goalkeeper, Iker Casillas. Former Real Madrid Captain aged 35 years was preparing to welcome the participation in the group phase of the Champions League.

Nicks that equaled the previous record holder, Ryan Giggs, the Manchester United legend.

Casillas is also the owner of the most caps in this scene with a total of 156 parties, minus the qualifying round.

"Of course I am ready to welcome the appearance of the season. The Champions League is where we are. Porto and me! "

So Twitter reply Casillas made a Twitter account @ChampionsLeague.