Senin, 23 Januari 2017

Liverpool, the Specialists ' Injury Time '

The Chelsea Manager, Guus Hiddink, praised the child's asuhnya against Liverpool at Anfield Stadium, Wednesday (11/5/2016) or Thursday early morning GMT.

The game ended 1-draw. The Blues had the superior first, thanks to the spectacular Eden Hazard scoring in the 31st minute.

Unfortunately, the victory was already in front of the eyes must be dispersed after goalkeeper Asmir Begovic committing a fatal error during injury time.

Begovic was not perfect against the ball of the cross Christian Benteke Ojo Sheyi sosuccessfully exploit the mistake into a goal.

"Of course it's disappointing on a late but can I said Chelsea performed perfectly this evening. We survived with both good. We also attack with good finally happenedwhere goals from Eden, "said Hiddink as quoted from the official website.

"After that, we had a second scoring opportunities but we failed in the second half.We had two or three opportunities are open but in general I am very satisfied with the team, "said Hiddink.

Liverpool, the Specialists ' Injury Time '

In that occasion, Hiddink also praised the stylish appearance of the Hazard. Hiddinkclaims to be sure the Hazard will again find his best game.

"She felt a hard season. He was often injured and this makes him vulnerable physically. In the last week, he underwent a fitness program to restore. He is constantly working to find his game and you could see the results, "he said.

Liverpool almost swallowing defeat of Chelsea in the Premier League match at the stadium of the advanced Anfiled, Wednesday (11/5/2016) or Thursday early morningGMT.

The Reds-Liverpool-nickname briefly conceded first for action by the charming EdenHazard. On the right side of the Liverpool defence, the Belgium midfielder with an uncanny ability to outwit the opposing two players merangsek into the penalty box.

So get a space shoot, the Hazard with a right foot shot that was dammed Simon Mignolet.

New Liverpool could have scored through action reply Christian Benteke during injury time. From the right side awkwardly, Sheyi Ojo releasing the bait into the penalty box. Asmir Begovic trying to ward off the ball but his efforts instead being fatal.

Liverpool, the Specialists ' Injury Time '

Begovic's hands regardless of the ball and then disundul into the Chelsea goal Benteke. This goal saved Liverpool from defeat.

The increasingly fortified Benteke goal Liverpool as injury time specialist team. With a record 5 touchdowns, the Red becomes the Club's most scored once the game past 90 minutes.

Uniquely, all the late goal that created Liverpool on the season while the Club under the kepemimpian Juergen Klopp. Therefore, began to emerge that the terms Kloppage time.

Director of Newcastle United, Lee Charnley, gave an official statement related terdegradasinya The Magpies from the Premier League.

Newcastle ensured down to the Division Championship after Sunderland 3-0 win over Everton at Stadiu of Lights, Friday (11/5/2016) or Thursday early morning GMT.

From 37 matches, Sunderland perch ranked 17th with collecting 38 points. With onegame remaining, points The Black Cats-nickname of Sunderland-certainly will not be overtaken by Newcastle (ranked 18th) and Norwich (ranked 19) that collect 34 points.


Liverpool, the Specialists ' Injury Time '

Newcastle United and Norwich will accompany Aston Villa struggled in Division Championship in next season.

"Tonight, we are very sad because it is relegated from the Premier League and everyone associated with the Club must have felt the same way. I would like to thank thefans for your support you have show to the Club throughout the season, regardless of the kekecawaan of this, "says Charnley.

"Your support is wonderful but I specifically like to thank you for the great support that you provide to Rafa (Benitez) and the team during this season. I am really sorrybecause we failed to deliver the results you deserve, "he said.

Charnley hope the team doesn't dissolve in this failure. He asked troops Rafael Benitez to focus on preparing the last game against Tottenham Hotspur on May 15.

"Currently, Rafa and the team must prepare for the last game of the season. But after that, we will make sure to communicate with supporters, "he said.