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Liverpool failed to Win because of the Noisy Public Anfield

The words of Manager Juergen Klopp on pause the match became a lighter spirit the players Liverpool FC to rise again in the second half and scored a goal while playing a 1-draw against Chelsea at Anfield, on Wednesday (11/5/2016).

At those games, Liverpool host left first passing touchdown Eden Hazard on 32 minutes. The Reds, nickname of Liverpool, recently could equalize at late game throughChristian Benteke.

Liverpool's bad performance, especially in the first half, got a spotlight from Klopp.At the time of pause the match, Manager of the origin of Germany that "spray" James Milner dkk appear under performance.

"In the first half, we didn't play like a team. In fact, if we can mix, it's hard for anyone to beat this team, "said Defender Kolo Toure told Sky Sports.

"The Manager then speak loudly to us in the dressing room. It changed the game.We play as a team in the second half and finally scored a goal, "said Toure who became captain of The Reds in the game after Milner pulled out.

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Liverpool failed to Win because of the Noisy Public Anfield

Although it could be scored are position, kubu Liverpool remain disappointed. Moreover, a match against Chelsea it is the ultimate party of The Reds in the stable of his own.

It has become a tradition after the game, the players will do a lap of honor reply towelcome and support of the audience. However, Liverpool could not close the cageparty this season with positive results.

"We are disappointed because it could not win the match," said Milner after the match as reported by the official website of the Club.

The Reds still leaves one party of the Premier League season at home to West Bromwich Albion in next week. Toure any hope colleagues can focus on the game and not distracted by the Europa League final, game four days later.

"The important thing for us is to keep performing 100 percent. If it is too think and focus to the final, we definitely won't be able to perform with the best performance, "said Toure.

Europa League final ticket Liverpool became in order to appear in the Champions League next season. The Reds will face Sevilla in the match at St. Jakob Park Stadium,Switzerland, on Wednesday (18/5/2016).

The Liverpool Manager, Juergen Klopp, mengaaku disappointed with supporters when his team draw 1-1 with Chelsea in the Premier League Party at the Anfield Stadium, Wednesday (11/5/2016).

Liverpool failed to Win because of the Noisy Public Anfield

Chelsea excelled in advance via individual action Eden Hazard on 32 minutes. The new equalize through Liverpool on top Christian Benteke during injury time.

Wasted a number of opportunities to become one of the factors of Liverpool failedto win a match. Note Premier League, they let go the shot 10 of 19 experiments.

Klopp any judging, the kids play asuhnya in a hurry because of demands from supporters. Although, he is not there the great enthusiasm belies the supporters of this party considering Liverpool.

"I loved the stadium and the atmosphere here. However, everyone lost patience today, including supporters, "Klopp said after the match.

"A hard thing when managers are demanding patience in possession, but everyoneprecisely shouted so we ran," he said.

In the eyes of Klopp, a number of his team's chances of more nuanced speculation.The players assessed the situation could create more certain on a number of occasions.

"You have three players who are close together, but one of them is precisely the shoot. The ball was blocked and you lose the formation to recapture it, "said Klopp.

These results make Liverpool halted at the 8th position with a collection of 59 numbers. Chelsea in the standings following the nine by ten points.

Liverpool failed to Win because of the Noisy Public Anfield

The main Tribune Anfiled Stadium will be overhauled total over Liverpool last enclosure magpies against Chelsea, Wednesday (11/5/2016) or Thursday early morning GMT.

After the game, a number of supporters supporters get caught trying to bring home a bench as a keepsake. A majority of the bench that sits in the main tribune quite unique because it is made of wood.

However, the action of "theft" directly prevented by a warning delivered through loudspeakers.

"Bringing property is a form of theft. You will be ditengkap, "

Liverpool officials and authorities seized some seats that were previously successfully removed supporters.

The plan, the main tribune will be renovated so that it can contain 21,000 audience.

Renovations that will make tribune Anfield consists of three major layers of the audience with a capacity of approximately 8,500 seats. This renovation expected completion ahead of the opening of the 2016-2017 season.

Change the main tribune will also affect a number of positions of the spaces that are in the Anfield dressing room, including the player, press conference room, and a number of the Club's staff room.

Currently, Anfield was the 6th position in the Premier League in terms of audience capacity. With an installed capacity of 45,276, Anfield was under the Old Trafford (75.635), the Emirates Stadium (60.272),