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Shearer was not convinced Benitez Survive in Newcastle

A number of individual awards internal Club obtained an attacking midfielder for Liverpool FC Brazil origin, Philippe Coutinho.

Coutinho was selected as the best player of Liverpool FC this season. Emre Can and Brad Smith was awarded to different categories.

In the event of Liverpool FC Players ' Award held at the Exhibition Centre, Thursday(12/5/2016), Coutinho for second time consecutively won the title of best player of the Club.

Coutinho did not just grab one award. He was also elected as the best player this season, a selection of his fellow players and supporters.

Compared to other players, Coutinho said as players The Reds-Liverpool-nicknamesthat appear consistent. Although it had a chance to get a red card, nicks 12 goals in40 appearances alongside his team this season prove the contribution he is.

Shearer was not convinced Benitez Survive in Newcastle

The most impressive appearance indicated Coutinho while Liverpool wins hands down 4-1 at home to Manchester City, November 2015. Award best performance this season has been obtained thanks to his action on Coutinho.

In addition to the Coutinho, and Smith Can also get individual awards. Can was selected as the best young player of choice supporters, while Smith requested his colleagues as players the Academy this year.

From women's team, the best players fall to Martha Harris. Meanwhile, former Liverpool player Steve Heighway gets Lifetime Achievement Award thanks to her contributions over the past five decades in the Club.

Former captain of Newcastle United, Alan Shearer, admit to not sure Manager Rafael Benitez will stay with The Magpies next season. This is because the origin of the Spain Manager always handle the European elite team.

Newcastle United have certainly relegated to the Division Championship after their rivals, Sunderland, managed to win the game face Everton 3-0 at the Stadium of Light, Wednesday (11/5/2016).

This makes the future of Benitez who just deal with the team in March 2016 replaces Steve McClaren, is questionable. Not because of the threatened dismissal by the Club's management, but the willingness of managers aged 56 years it competed in the Championship is quite doubtful.

Shearer was not convinced Benitez Survive in Newcastle

Benitez was a manager of the top-tier world ever handle a great many clubs at the top level, i.e.Valencia, Liverpool FC, ChelseaInter Milan, Napoli and Real Madrid. Addressing the team in the Division Championship is not uncommon for Benitez.

This is what makes Shearer not convinced Benitez will still survive along with Newcastle. However, tersubur players throughout the history of the Premier League with 206 goals it hopes what happened is the opposite of the utterance.

"A man of great stature, world famous trainers with flashy handles curriculum vitaeClub Championship? I don't think it will happen, "said Shearer told the BBC.

"I would be very glad if the assumptions are wrong. Would be so amazing if he stilldecided to stick around, "he said.

Shearer also claims to be confident Benitez would have gotten a lot of offers from big clubs in the summer of 2016. However, Shearer thought that Newcastle is a great team.

"I know Newcastle are a big club and Benitez was impressed with how the fans treat it," he said.

"However, I remain confident he will get a lot of bids, not only from Premier Leagueclubs, but from all over the world," he said.

Sibling bomber Everton, Romelu Refusing, i.e. Jordan Refusing (21 years) indirectly conveyed his expectations in order to be recruited by Arsenal.

Jordan is a great player that reinforces the original Club Belgium, Oostende. Recently he was associated with Arsenal.

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Not just Arsenal, Watford also believed interested recruited him. Jordan ever hinted at wanting to try out a career in the Premier League. Jordan openly admitted he was a heavy Arsenal fans.

Shearer was not convinced Benitez Survive in Newcastle

"Do I feel bound by the Premier League? I don't know, but the League will suit me,"said Jordan Refusing.

"I've always been fans of Arsenal. However, I do get annoyed when every Premier League club does not struggle to avoid relegation, "he said.

Jordan, refusing to even give suggestions for Arsenal ahead of the opening of the Exchange, transfers this summer. He said the Club dealt Arsene Wenger need to make large expenditures on stock transfer later.

"Arsenal need to do some shopping. Arsenal have the Academy of young players playing in top European clubs, "he said.

"When Cesc Fabregas became the top players, he moved to Barcelona. When Robinvan Persie became the top players, he moved to Manchester United. So too with Samir Nasri, "he said.