Selasa, 20 Desember 2016

Bielsa Said Lazio's Lies

Living legend Alessandro Del Piero, Juventus (41), believes Paul Pogba is facing tough choices. Now, Pogba must choose whether stay on Juventus or accepted an offerto return the costumed Manchester United.

Earlier, several sources mention that Manchester United's CHIEF EXECUTIVE, Ed Woodward, currently in a phase of negotiations with Juventus for acquired Paul Pogbato Old Trafford.

Reportedly, a fund ransom for players aged 23 years old it reaches 100 million pounds or about Rp 1.6 trillion.

"I don't know what will happen next with Pogba. However, I think Juventus are going to hold him at least a season again, "said Del Piero, Saturday (9/6/2016).

Pogba Juventus contract still tesisa until 2019. However, Del Piero had to admit thatThe Old Lady will be hard-pressed to resist the Pogba.

Bielsa Said Lazio's Lies

"But certainly, United is a great club. It is increasingly difficult to determine where the Pogba the best choice, "he said.

"As the people of Italy and ex-player, I can only hope the Pogba survive in Juventus.Yes, at least for one more season, "said the man who defended Juventus on range 1993-2012.

Pogba left Manchester United on a free transfer status by 2012. However, the origin of the France players that could have been returned to Old Trafford with a salary estimated reached 300 thousand pounds per week.

Juventus, coach Massimiliano Allegri, have great ambitions in 2016-2017.

He wants to bring the Great mistress of the Serie A title for the sixth time in a row and the Champions League trophy was presented to the public the JuventusStadium.

Bielsa Said Lazio's Lies

Two seasons deal with Juventus, Allegri won five titles i.e. each 2 Serie A title and the Coppa Italy, as well as an Italy Super Cup trophy.

The Serie A title last season became the fifth consecutive scudetto titles that successfully achieved jual like instagram Gianlugi Buffon and his friends. She also barely carries Juventus grabbed the League Champions in 2015, seandaianya not lost 1-3 against Barcelona in the Party Summit.

"Winning the sixth scudetto is our main goal in this season, the same as grabbing a nice result in the Champions League," said Allegri at Juventus.

"When I say want to achieve good results in the Champions League, that means wehave to advance as far as possible and which. You also need a bit of luck, especially in the Champions League, "sambungnya.

To meet these ambitions, Arsenal have been bringing big name i.e. 2 Miralem Pjanicand Dani Alves. The last name is an experienced player in the Champions League while defending Barcelona.

Marcelo Bielsa declared to withdraw from the post of coach of Lazio because management did not keep their promise. Bielsa, claimed there is a vagueness about the transfer of players.

The resignation of Bielsa contained in electronic mail that is sent to the Director IgliTare, Thursday (7/7/2016). This decision was very surprising considering he had duties since Wednesday (6/7/2016).

Bielsa Said Lazio's Lies

Only, the attitude of Bielsa turned out was the accumulation of disappointment against President Claudio Lotito. The patron had pledged a new player when signing contracts Bielsa last month.

"We took this decision because, after four weeks, there was no decisive steps to realize the agreement with Claudio Lotito," said Bielsa.

"I promised four new players to take part in the July 5, 2016, but no one came," saidhe.

Based on rumors circulating in Italy, Bielsa chose to leave to deal with the Argentinanational football team at the summer Olympics. Open opportunities because Gerardo Martino break the contract, Tuesday (5/7/2016).

"It is important to note, I have no alternative other jobs," said 60-year-old man was.

On the other hand, Lazio reportedly would have preferred the decision to defy the law line Bielsa. Party clubs demanding compensation of 50 million euros (around Rp726 billion).

To fill the void left by Bielsa, Lazio set up Simone Inzaghi. Last name had already arrived at the Club headquarters, Friday.