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Abbiati Decided Retirement After Magpies Cons AS Roma

Serie A champion season 2015-2016 assert dominance, Juventus in Italy. Playing in last weekend's Serie A Juventus Stadium, Saturday (14/5/2016), I Bianconeri subjecting Sampdoria 5-0.

The victory ensured Juventus ended the competition with 91 points.

In the meantime, the team is ranked second, Napoli will entertain new Frosinone after Juventus-Sampdoria match, collecting only 79 points.

New game entered the 5th minute when veteran Juventus, Patrice Evra opened thesuperiority of the home team.

Evra welcomes free kick Paulo Dybala through Jack.

Superior one goal, Juventus appears dominant. In the 22nd minute, turn Dybala scored through a penalty point after fouling Mario Mandzukic Skriniar Milan.

Abbiati Decided Retirement After Magpies Cons AS Roma

Dybala adds to golnya 15 minutes later through a kick left foot from outside the penalty box.

In the second half, Juventus add goals through two of them, Defender Giorgio Chiellini and Leo Bonucci. On 77 minutes, Chiellini scored from the penalty box after a corner kick was snatched.

The goal feels exceptional, since the match against Sepatu Futsal Specs Sampdoria marks appearanceto-400 Team for Juventus.

Leo Bonucci complement champions Juventus through golnya on a minute-to-85 kicks welcomes feedback Alvaro Morata.

AC Milan's veteran keeper, Christian Abbiati, decided to retire at the end of this season. A match against AS Roma at the San Siro Stadium, Saturday (14/5/2016), it willbe his last party.

Abbiati initiated professional career alongside Monza, and joined AC Milan in 1998.Along with AC Milan, Christian Abbiati tasted a number of titles, among them the three scudetto and one Champions League title.

Based on the record, Transfermarkt over at AC Milan, Christian Abbiati had 380 matches and not concede as much as 145.

Abbiati Decided Retirement After Magpies Cons AS Roma

Man 38 years it also briefly loaned AC Milan to a number of clubs, namely Juventus(2005-2006), Turin (2006-2007) and Atletico Madrid (2007-2008).

As for Italy's national team, Abbiati only got involved in the four friendly matches. He last appeared for Italy in 2005.

"Abbiati said goodbye to football after 15 years of being in the Club. Come to the San Siro on tomorrow (Saturday) to give him a special award, "AC Milan's statementon Twitter.

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This season, Abbiati only played six games. Five of them made Abbiati in the CoppaItaly.

At the beginning of his arrival at AC Milan goalkeeper Christian Abbiati, is a mainstay. He was a successful substitute Sebastiano Rossi as first choice goalkeeper.

However, since AC Milan recruit Da from Corinthians, Abbiati started marginalized to the bench. Moreover, Abbiati had experienced a variety of problems.

Abbiati Decided Retirement After Magpies Cons AS Roma

Then in 2010-2011, AC Milan then taken care of by Massimiliano Allegri, return trustAbbiati under the crossbar.

However, the presence of Diego Lopez of Real Madrid making Abbiati had to returnlost his position as goalkeeper.

Abbiati more tergeser being the third option, along with the stylish appearance of the young goalkeeper, Gianluigi Donnarumma.

After becoming a speculation for months, Massimiliano Allegri has finally signed a new contract with Juventus on May 6.

Author: Theresa Simanjuntak

Allegri now would be bound in a Stadium until 2018.

"I hope it can survive on Juventus for at least 10 more years," said the coach, aged 48 years.

Contract extension this means Allegri has twice to update his ties Juventus since joining the Club in the summer of 2014.

Previously, he did the same thing in mid-2015.

His new contract is evidence of Juventus to appreciate the performance of Allegri.

In 2014/15, Allegri lead Juventus almost grabbed trigelar if not subject of Barcelonain the Champions League final.

This season brought Juventus became champions Allegri Serie A after tertatihtatih at the beginning of the competition.

A new contract for a new ambition for injecting a synthetic pitch. However, it is not the title of the LC that he idamidamkan.

"Rather than have a scintillating LC season, our main goal next season is to secure the League title six consecutive seasons. This has never happened. Therefore, we would like to carve out the history, "said Allegri.

Allegri ambition seems contrary to the desires of the fan. When Juventus announced the new contract Made their official Twitter account, tinged comments so that thecoach can lead the team seal the LC trophy next season.

In fact, the Juventus players have berkoar-koar of the target title LC in 2016/17.

"Our target is to become LC Title. I don't want to give up. I want to win everything,"said Defender Stephan Lichtsteiner, right, told La Gazzetta dello Sport.