Kamis, 17 November 2016

A Longer Preparation Time Does Not Guarantee Matangnya Indonesia National Team Squads

After FIFA sanctions against Indonesia revoked, Indonesia national team get the chance to not miss the AFF Cup 2016. In the event, Indonesia was indeed never absentand is one of the Club founders AFF Cup in 1996, when it was still named the Tiger Cup.

Indonesia itself, when FIFA disanksi, not dabbling in international action for more than a year. This certainly makes the strength of Indonesia national team can not verypredictable in the AFF Cup 2016 later held in the Philippines and Myanmar.

Then how the power of Indonesia national team at AFF Cup 2016 later? Whether the national Garuda was able to beat Thailand, the Philippines and Singapore to be able to step up to the knockout semi-finals even until the final round?

Setting up a dynamic Game

A Longer Preparation Time Does Not Guarantee Matangnya Indonesia National Team Squads

At the AFF Cup 2014, arguably Indonesia smashed, especially when it defeated the Philippines 4-0. As for the four-time Cup finalists into the AFF, Indonesia should be able to talk a lot. However, Indonesia failed to qualify from the group stage after justrepackaged one victory, one draw and one defeat from three matches.

Still trained Alfred Riedl, sure it does not want to return repeated. Therefore to confront this AFF Cup 2016, the Austria coach trying to change the face of the national team that had previously inhabited by many senior players and have less preparation.

The preparation of the budget is indeed often dikambinghitamkan every time the national team performed poorly in a game or an event. To avoid that, the players who were called had called the national team away days and have undergone a series of concentration exercise.

"The difference now by 2014 may our preparation, treasure it," said Assistant CoachWolfgang Pikal, Indonesia, "now a lot of young players, so the system is played Fulham more dynamic. The average age is still young, so power is still strong. "

What is meant by dynamic Pikal is the Indonesia game will rely more on quickness and balance in surviving and attacking. All the preparations for his own team, Riedl has continued to train all over the players, including forward, pressing to do.

Although the strategy used will correspond with the opponent facing Indonesia national team, howeverseems to be trying to suppress an opponent from the opposing defense area. By relying on a relatively players still have the stamina, Riedl expectsall players involved in last.

A Longer Preparation Time Does Not Guarantee Matangnya Indonesia National Team Squads

Defense scheme are indeed being the most highlighted Player on the current Barcelona squad. Although the clean sheet record against Malaysia and Myanmar, but Viet Nam able to break down the goalpost Indonesia as much as five times in two meetings. Not to mention the two games in Indonesia could not conquer the Viet Nam.

The above obviously note Riedl. Moreover, Indonesia was incorporated into the Group A two of three opponents to Indonesia have a quality equal or even stronger from Viet Nam. Therefore will be a great challenge when Indonesia facing Thailand and the Philippines.

Bump The Rules Two Players Per Club

In the list of Indonesia that had conical squad to 23 players (24 players after linkupTeja Paku Alam to anticipate injuries Dian Agus Joon), Indonesia squads are indeedpopulated by a lot of young players. Even the names of the 23, only eight players who compete in AFF Cup before 2014.

Currently, Indonesia is inhabited by national team players under age 23 years as Yanto Basna Hansamu, Yama, Abduh Lestaluhu, as well as Manahati Lestusen and EvanDimas already compete in AFF Cup 2014. Not to mention the presence of additionalforces from the players who play outside of Indonesia as Taught Us, EarnKusnandar, and Stefano Lilipaly, where the previously woeful enough anti calling Indonesia players who play abroad.

However, it does not mean that Indonesia will perform with full force. This is due tothe calling of a maximum of two players per club. These rules clearly reduces the strength of Indonesia national football team.

"The limits of two players per club. But a little, not too much. May issue two-playerdeal reducing about 20-30% power. Because there are several players that we want to call but not allowed because there are rules, "said Wolfgang Pikal in www.1001instalike.com.

Comment from Wolfgang Pikal above seen that actual team coach has limitations in forming the best squads with the existence of such rules. However, such rules could be held in order for the Indonesia Soccer Championship still runs on schedule so that a League official Indonesia could be held according to plan (March 2017).